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Due to the overwhelming demand for guidance, “Headhunter to the Stars” Brian Daniel is now offering consultations for candidates who want to work for a high-profile executive, celebrity or high net worth family in their area. Whether you want to change careers or advance your career, these packages are right for you. The strategies taught for reaching the high net worth are effective regardless of where you live in the world. As one of the world’s leading subject-matter experts in his industry, Brian has consulted on several high-profile projects for ABC News: 20/20, Paramount Studios, Entrepreneur Magazine and NBC/Universal — just to name a few. 

NOTE: Brian coaches in various sectors that serve VIP families, including but not limited to: executive/personal assistants, estate managers, lawyers, personal trainers, interior design, etc. (based on needs, customized packages are available).



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      The Deluxe Package – $300: If you haven’t been getting high-profile interviews on your own, then it’s time to think out-of-the-box and work with someone who has experience in (and placements for) jobs with the high net worth. In short, with Brian Daniel you’re getting years of tried-and-true experience from a pro who works in the highest levels of his industry (Hollywood A-list, billionaires and royalty). You can’t apply for a job that may pay you over $120,000 a year and not be prepared.  Without good coaching, you’re not likely to even make it past the first interview — or get the interview at all.

  • A one-hour Q & A session with Brian (by phone, in person or by Skype). This session includes an in-depth analysis of your presentation and INSIDER tips for getting résumés into the hands of decision makers!
  • Review of your résumé and includes a revamp by professional resume writer Brian Daniel.
  • Tips for being successful while working for celebrities, executives and high net worth families.

New to this package:

  • Learn how to get noticed and beat the software systems that HR professionals use to delete resumes that are submitted electronically.
  • Insights on how to avoid the biggest submission mistakes when applying for jobs in today’s competitive market.
  • Get honest feedback about your appearance because employers won’t give it to you straight — they just simply won’t hire you.
  • Discover how employers “spy” on candidates they are considering for employment. You may be inadvertently sabotaging your career without even knowing it.


      The Premier Package – $500: You get a 2-hour consultation with company founder and “Headhunter to the Stars” Brian Daniel (by phone, in person or by Skype) NOTE: If you’d like, the 2-hours can be divided into two sessions of 1-hour each (one session before the resume revamp, and another after); A resume revamp that’s geared especially for your industry/profession; Advice on how to penetrate the “hidden job market” and contact the high net worth with tact so you don’t look desperate; Learn secrets that top finance gurus and charity organizations use to find the high net worth in your area. Topics of the consultation include but are not limited to:
    • How and why to customize résumés for each job you apply to
    • Review of your LinkedIn profile and tips for improving it
    • Help you define your “personal brand” to impress high net worth employers
    • How to dress for the interview & image consulting
    • How to follow-up without being a pest or looking desperate
    • The importance of customized cover letters for your résumé
    • Advice on how to beat out applicants that are much more qualified than yourself
    • Survival techniques for the job and how to stay organized so you don’t get fired
    • Role-playing tips that will make you shine during the very brutal interview process
    • What paper and fonts to use for your résumé so you look refined and not outdated
    • Overcoming the interviewer’s objections and turning perceived weaknesses into strengths
    • How to negotiate your salary without being confrontational and get the max every time
    • How to survive the back-biting and colleague sabotage that comes with the job
….. career coaching
Other insights included in the session:

    • Understanding the special needs of billionaires and the high net worth and customizing your approach to have
      your skill sets fit their specific wants (and even get them to relocate you)
    • How to communicate effectively with your boss so you don’t get fired during your probationary period
    • Tips for bypassing gatekeepers and getting your résumé directly into the hands of local celebrities and VIPs
    • How to identify prospective employers: In the U.S. alone, there are almost 500 billionaires and about 50,000
      households that have net worth between 50 and 500 million dollars (they desperately need quality people)
    • How to impress the interviewer without intimidating them into thinking you’re better than they are
    • How to sound ready to manage estates, private jets, domestic staff and yachts if you don’t really know how
    • Learn why the most qualified candidates do NOT get the job, the ones who market themselves the best do
    • Learn how to network in the “hidden job market” because about 85% of the jobs that exist with celebrities
      and high net worth families are never posted online or obtained through employment agencies
    • No questions or topics are off-limits (a “no holds barred” session with tried-and-true information)


      The Platinum Package – $1000: Everything the Premier Package comes with, plus 4-hours of consulting, and…

    • FIRST STAGE: An in-depth career consultation with Brian Daniel for 2-hours (by phone, Skype or in-person)
    • SECOND STAGE: Another 1-hour session (about 1 week later) which is dedicated to discussing your new resume revamp and interview/submission strategies (targeting employers, how to overcome objections in the interview, how to negotiate your salary to get the max, and how to dress for the interview based on the employer, etc.)
    • THIRD STAGE: A final 1-hour follow-up session (after about 3 months) to check on your progress and tweak/hone strategies
    • LIFELINES: Comes with intermittent “lifelines” and back-office support to answer questions while on the job or your quest to get a job (e.g. real-time and last-minute interview tips while going through the brutal interview process — which can be up to 6 steps/stages, how to make a House Manual, emergency passport services, global concierge help, etc.)
    • RESOURCES: Access to The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network’s other exclusive resources (e.g. We got an assistant’s boss a last-minute upgrade to a Presidential Suite at a famous hotel, so she looked like a hero to her employer. On another occasion we got an assistant and his employer’s family backstage to meet a major Grammy-winning pop star)

New to this package:

    • Handling moral dilemmas and earning respect/credibility in your organization
    • Office rage: Taming temperamental celebrities & high net worth individuals
    • How to accomplish the impossible with limited time and resources
    • Contingency planning: Why you need back up plans for your back up plans
    • Technology: resources for quick and dirty tips with MS Office

testimonial I’m in awe of Brian Daniel’s insight into the world of an A-list celebrity assistant. He is a master. Be it the entertainment industry or the business world, Mr. Daniel’s behind-the-scenes experiences are something that most of us can only dream of. Being coached by him is what insider trading is like to the stock market, except ethical and legal. If you follow his direction, you will undoubtedly succeed.

Patty L.
PA to Damon Wayans (Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, My Wife & Kids)