Personal Assistant Jobs


Personal assistant jobs have always been popular, but finding the best jobs is another problem.  In this volatile job market, many professionals are making the switch and becoming personal assistants.


Understanding the rigors of personal assistant jobs is important to being a successful personal assistant.  After all, the hours can be long and having a personal life is usually put on hold.


While is does sound exciting to work for a celebrity or high net worth family, the pressure is great because break-neck deadlines for party planning are common, not to mention that a 14-hour day is not out of the question — so not all personal assistant jobs are going to be relaxing.


Founded by Brian Daniel, The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network is among the top placement agencies in the world.  But landing personal assistant jobs through a headhunter is not easy because celebrities and high net worth families demand the best.  In short, a candidate has to have world class experience in order to be able to compete with the other more experienced candidates in the market.


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