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Personal Assistants, Estate Managers & Executive Assistants for the High Net Worth

The duties and responsibilities for estate managers can be broad

What does an estate manager actually do?

An EM is, essentially, a form of personal assistant and the position is also called a household manager. They are in charge of all aspects of the function of a large estate or mansion. There duties include but aren’t limited to:

    • Schedule both personal and professional calendars for the home owners.
    • Assign tasks, large and small, to the domestic staff: maids, nannies, groundskeepers, chefs, etc. They are also in charge of hiring the workers and screening their backgrounds.
    • Maintenance: Ensure that everything on the property is maintained properly, which includes working with vendors and independent contractors for repairs.
    • Plan parties and social gatherings, which can be for hundreds of people.
    • Create household manuals for use by domestic staff. This important book, also called a “House Bible,” contains an at-a-glance spreadsheet with names and numbers to electricians, plumbers, nannies and anyone else in charge of the function of systems in the home.
    • Run a variety of errands (all things A to Z): grocery shopping, getting the dry cleaning, gift shopping, etc.
    • Driving: If a full-time driver isn’t employed, then the estate manager can take on this role (like picking up the children from school).
    • Oversight: When remodeling or restoration occurs, then the estate manager will screen and supervise every step of the project (from inception to completion).  This includes vetting the contractors that will be doing the work.
    • Run the budget for the household (accounts payable and receivable)
    • Make travel arrangements for incoming and outgoing parties
    • Maintain a detailed inventory of household appliances, furniture, art, etc., which also includes insuring the property to cover damage, loss or theft.
    • Exotic cars: Maintenance of car fleets to ensure they are insured, repaired and licensed
    • Care for family pets and coordinate walking, feeding, grooming and trips to the vetinarian
    • Team lead: The estate manager is also in charge of the butlers who provide dinner service
    • Cleaning: May assist the housekeepers in light cleaning duties
    • Answer phones, greet any guests that come to the home, and handle communications (emails, letters, invitations, etc.)
    • Maintain the home’s security and computerized systems (entertainment center, sprinklers, etc.)