Working in a Celebrity Entourage

Working as a celebrity personal assistant has many rewards beyond just being a great salary. Many benefits of the job are include year-end bonuses, holiday gifts, clothes (sometimes high-value hand-me-downs), flying in private jets, exotic car fleet management, and trips to exotic locations around the world.



Having said that, all the great perks also means you have to learn them and make sacrifices. Working for celebrities, billionaires, industry icons and high net worth families means that you have to be on-call 24/7 – and working 10 to 12 hour days is commonplace.



Today’s personal assistant positions also require that candidates have a very diverse background, so being able to hop in-between the corporate world and PA world is an important skill to have. Assistants of yesteryear normally didn’t have to cross paths with each other. The “administrative assistant” worked in the corporate office, and the “personal assistant” worked on nights and weekends – all of that has changed. If must have the temperament to wear all of the different hats.


Arnold Schwarzenegger and his entourage of personal assistants and bodyguards in Los Angeles


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