Why You Should Become a Personal Assistant

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There has never been a better time to become a personal assistant

If you’re thinking about becoming a persona assistant to an executive, entrepreneur, local celebrity or high net worth family, there has never been a better time. The demand for PAs is overwhelming, and with so much to do in a single day, the new “right-hand” is a must have.


Great job perks

Working as an assistant is so much more than a paycheck – it’s an adventure. If you’re working for a celebrity or billionaire, for example, then traveling on private jets or staying in world-class homes is commonplace. Essentially, you’re getting paid to see the world.


Great salary

A personal assistant job is one of the few professions where candidates without a college degree can make six-figure salaries. The key is to fit your skill-set with the right employer because every PA job is different (based on the employer’s personal needs and industry).


No two days are alike

The days of gofers are over. While it’s true that an assistant does simpler tasks like running errands and going to the grocery store, most personal assistants are hybrid positions with executive PA, so they are attending high-level meetings and managing personal and professional calendars.


Learning from business leaders

If you’re working with an icon of industry or some other business mogul, then you’re going to see them in action every day that you go to work. This experience, in a word: priceless.


A great stepping stone

Being a personal assistant to a renowned executive, celebrity or business leader is a fabulous way to prove yourself worthy and either move-up in that company or start your own. Many celebrity assistants, for example, have gone on to start their own companies using the experience and leverage they gained from working for the famous person.


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