Why Won’t Employers Call Me Back?

If you have job experience and employers aren’t calling you back, then it is likely that your resume and overall presentation are to blame.


Even taking into consideration that it’s a “difficult job market,” if you’ve been submitting resumes for weeks or even months without a response, then you’re probably violating the two most critical elements of your presentation:


Your resume: You only have one chance at a great first impression. It’s simply too competitive for your resume not to be the absolute best it can be. Think of it this way: Employers have hundreds of candidates to choose from. If your resume isn’t absolutely perfect, then it says a lot about your ability as a candidate. If your resume has outdated formatting or small grammar mistakes on it, then employers will pass you by every single time. If you can’t even manage to get your resume right, what are you going to do with the boss’s PowerPoint presentation, for example?


Your online presence: It is statistically and scientifically proven that 99% of employers will check your online presence – usually before they even call you in for an interview. If you’ve posted controversial photos or opinions on Twitter or Google, then the HR manager isn’t going to call you in. Be smart and make sure you are not the unwitting victim of your own online postings.


You must understand the politics of applying for jobs to succeed


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