What is a Lifestyle Manager?

As a former celebrity personal assistant, I’m often asked about “Lifestyle Management.”  Simply put, a Lifestyle Manager is a form of personal assistant, personal concierge or a social secretary.


There are many different aspects involved in such a job, and it varies wildly from employer to employer. Although, one aspect is constant: the more money the employer has, the busier the Lifestyle Manager will be.


Not all super-rich people have a Lifestyle Manager because it is normally reserved for single employers.  Most “family men” are not going to be out-on-the-town at all hours of the night.  And, for the record, hardly anyone in the business calls it a “Lifestyle Manager.”  I have yet to have an employer call me and ask me to make a placement for a “Lifestyle Manager.”  Everyone calls them personal assistants, which is what they are.


Most of the time, Lifestyle Managers are going to be making arrangements for dinner, nightclubs, and other sorts of things.  The very lucky personal assistants will get to actually travel with the employer on trips, like I did when working for the Saudi Royal Family.  My job was to handle all aspects of my employer’s personal and professional life: calendar management, exotic car fleets, yachts, private jets, commercial travel, etc.  Few personal assistants get to live this lifestyle, and I had to actually hire subordinate personal assistants to help me with the workload.


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