What Ever Happened to the Kerri Campos Agency?

Sometimes we get emails from candidates that want to know who/where Kerri Campos is. There are so many rumors and folklore about where she is now, so let’s put this thing to rest. Here is the short version:


Kerri Campos was a celebrity personal assistant in the late 1980s and early 1990s, working for actresses Sally Field and Melanie Griffith. You could say she was part of the old-school group of celebrity personal assistants who were actually coined “celebrity personal assistants.” Kerri eventually retired from the PA business and opened her own boutique employment agency exclusively dedicated to celebrity personal assistants.


By all accounts, Kerri was a very nice and hard-working agent. For various personal reasons, Kerri decided to retire from making placements. While it’s true that employment agencies in Los Angeles did make placements for “celebrity personal assistants” before Kerri Campos did, she certainly paved the way for a lot of agencies whose eyes were opened to the possibility of such a specialized, niche market.

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