What employers DON’T want in a job candidate

Quality employers are always going to disregard assistants who are job hoppers

Executive personal assistants who want to be taken seriously need to be vigilant when searching for a new job. Not only is this overly-competitive job market  the “new normal,” but celebrities and high net worth employers are especially selective simply because they can be. Here are some considerations for candidates who are looking for a new position:


Job hoppers should know that employers are cautious about hiring you. Assistants that bounce from one employer to the next are going to get their resumes deleted by recruiters – even if some of those jobs are with high-profile executives or CEOs. Sure, you may be able to explain away changing one or two jobs, but when applicants have a whole resume peppered with positions that range from three to nine months of tenure, then it’s a sure-fire sign that the assistant is on the wrong career path and isn’t a reliable investment.


Searching for a new job at your current job is death for your career. It shows a complete lack of respect and is, essentially, the perfect way to get fired from your current position. Even if you’re convinced there is no way your boss could know that you are using company time to search for a new job, headhunters are wise to your tactless strategy – especially when you use your company email (with auto signature no less) to submit your resume.


Careless use of social media: Not managing your online presence is foolish beyond words. Billionaires and celebrities are very cautious about who they hire because you, directly or indirectly, represent your boss. So if you’re spouting off on Twitter or Facebook, then it shows you are completely disconnected to the reality of today’s job market. The media is constantly showcasing stories that talk about how employees got sacked over online posts, yet job seekers heed no warning and continue to post their rants online without any regard to how it will impact their careers.


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