Visiting the World’s Only 7-star Hotel

Brian Daniel’s visit to the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai (JustLuxe)


Without reservation I can say that visiting Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should embark on. One of the highlights of my visit was going to the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel.


Getting there, though, isn’t so easy. It’s not like visiting any other hotel where you can just walk in and take a picture — only guests are allowed into the hotel. The one exception the hotel makes is for visitors who have a reservation to eat at one of the restaurants.


Because the hotel takes security very seriously, I had my hotel’s concierge make me a reservation, and I had to give my credit card number to prepay. The least expensive reservation one can make is for “tea time,” which is about $100 USD. So, in short, it costs a minimum of $100 to walk into the hotel and take a picture — it’s understandable because the ultra-wealthy guests who stay there don’t want the hotel over-crowded with tourists taking photos.


For tourists who want to stay there, the hotel only has suites that run in the thousands. Of course the Presidential Suite at the hotel is one of the world’s best (Video below).

Crossing the bridge to the Burj is the only way to access the hotel 


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