How Social Media Can Destroy Your Career (Infographic)

Know how you are perceived online


For years we’ve been hearing about “fired over Facebook” stories, yet an overwhelming number of candidates continue to ruin their careers by representing themselves poorly online – and this goes for men and women of all ages and career stages.


If personal assistants and executive PAs hope to advance their careers, then extreme caution needs to be embraced when it comes to managing one’s image online. It seems exceptionally ridiculous that applicants say they have “attention for detail” when they engage in such destructive, career-ending behavior.


Reppler conducted a survey of human resource professionals from a variety of fields and published some alarming statistics – namely that 91% of recruiters are going to check candidates’ online presence at some point during the screening process.

Just some of the situations that recruiters see include:


    • Social media updates saying you’re hung over or hate your job/boss
    • Ridiculous profile handles with racy or immature content
    • Emphatic political rants (with or without profanity)
    • Gossipy or pop culture updates about your favorite or most-hated star


While the internet can be very harmful to one’s career, social media can also be very helpful for a job search — if used properly. In fact, using social media to land a job helps candidates tap into the hidden job market. If, for example, an executive personal assistant wants to work for a celebrity or high-profile celebrity, then LinkedIn is going to be a powerful tool because the best jobs usually aren’t posted online. And if they are, then candidates will have to compete with hundreds of other applicants for the same position.


Strong experience isn’t enough to get a job in today’s market ultra-competitive market.

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