Unconventional But Effective Ways of Scoring Celebrity Personal Assistant Jobs

Personal assistants must network in different and unconventional ways to get the best jobs

Scoring dream careers has never been easy, especially in today’s ultra-competitive job climate. But with the right techniques, cracking the hidden job market and landing personal assistant jobs with celebrities or billionaires is not as hard as one might think. If you’re not having luck applying online or finding work through your local employment agency, then here is a list of ideas for networking to find your next gig (be advised that a number of famous celebrity assistants that we have worked with obtained employment with these very same techniques):


Networking on LinkedIn is your first and most effective line of defense for job seekers. Searching for positions online can work, but you are effectively competing with thousands of other candidates. If, for example, you want to be an estate manager or personal assistant to a high net worth family or local celebrity in your city, use LinkedIn to find others that already work for the VIP. Send a short and sweet note asking about any open positions.


Contacting exotic car rental establishments in your area, believe it or not, is a great way to get some leads. Any facility that rents high-end brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari or Rolls Royce is going to know about the high-net-worth families in the area. Of course you have to approach them with tact, but you can establish a professional relationship with them by browsing their showroom (pretending to be looking for your boss of course). It goes without saying that those kinds of businesses also have relationships with other vendors that cater to the upper-echelon. Thinking out of the box like this will generate new leads for yourself. In other words, take the road less traveled.


Executive protection agencies are always in need of personal assistants for their clients. If they have a visiting celebrity, for example, the security personnel (often off-duty police officers or retired secret service agents) will not act as an errand runner for the VIP. So when a security detail is hired for a visiting billionaire, it’s very common for an assistant to be part of the entourage.


Five-star hotels in your city are also a great way to generate leads. The concierge desk, especially, works closely with the high net worth families and vendors in the area. They know a lot more about what’s going on in town then you can imagine. Fancy hotels are not just for people from out of town, they are often havens for the ultra-rich in the area (especially during wedding season).


Private jet companies could be a fabulous way to score a job. It goes without saying that anyone that can afford to fly privately can afford a personal assistant. Several well-known celebrity PAs in Los Angeles actually started as in-flight hostesses in the private aviation world and then were poached by well-known celebrities to work full-time.


Your local embassy, of course, deals with dignitaries, royal families and diplomats throughout the world. If you have the right background, you could be hired to assist visiting VIPs and could then parlay that into a full-time position.  In the end, the more you build your network, the better your chances for having your dream job.


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