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The World’s Best Hotel Suite

Brian Daniel’s review of the penthouse suite at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco


As a former celebrity personal assistant to Hollywood A-list, billionaires and even royalty, I’ve had the good fortune to stay in (or visit at) some of the world’s best presidential suites in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Without reservation, I can say that the penthouse suite at the Fairmont in San Francisco is head and shoulders above the rest (and I’ve even been to “invite only” suites that can’t be purchased for any price — even if you’re willing to pay $50,000 a night).


The suite at the Fairmont San Francisco has a very unique style and old-world charm that you just don’t see anymore — and perhaps that’s because the hotel was originally built in 1916.


The balcony view and the living room


One of the most striking features of the space is the diversity of each room, all of which are like works of art on their own. Strangely, they all fit together harmoniously — even when walking from the Middle Eastern pool hall (which I personally named the genie bottle room) to the circular, two-story Victorian library.


The Middle Eastern pool hall with vaulted cielings and the suite’s lobby


With over 6000 square feet of space, the suite can be used for large dinner parties, so it’s very diverse in that respect. And some of the world’s most dignified seem to agree, as various blogs report the room as been visited by President John F. Kennedy, Prince Charles of Wales, Mikhail Gorbachev, King Hussein of Jordan, Mick Jagger, Elton John and Tony Bennett.


I was able to confirm that Tony Bennett sang “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” here, but was not able to confirm that Marilyn Monroe was snuck in through the secret hidden doorway in the library (see photo below).


The two-story library has a planetarium-style ceiling with constellations, as well as a secret door with access to the roof