The Evolution of Personal Assistant Jobs

The evolution of personal assistant jobs, in general, has dramatically morphed over the past 10 years. Personal assistant duties used to involve more remedial tasks like picking up laundry and getting groceries.


Now assistants take a more involved role in the day-to-day tasks of their celebrity and high net worth employers. And, because of that, more “hybrid” roles have appeared.


It used to be that “executive assistants” and “personal assistants” were more separated, working in corporate or domestic environments, respectively. A true sign of the times is the fact that personal assistants have to be more fluid in both corporate and domestic environments, so personal assistants have to become experts with computers and know the Microsoft Office Suite from back to front.


The increased competition and broad candidate pool has also enabled employers to be more selective in their process, so having a relevant college degree in Business or Communications is essential.


Celebrity personal assistants need a variety of skills to compete in today’s market


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