The Best Jobs in America

Working at a rewarding job is what all of us dream of, but few actually attain.  Brian Daniel, a former celebrity assistant to high-profile celebs, billionaires and royalty has written a book to teach you how to find the best jobs in America.


How to Find the Best Jobs:  Secrets to working with the high net worth (LOOK INSIDE)


About the book


Most Americans today often dream about the best jobs in America, but few are able to break from the regular 9 to 5 grind that 99% of us live in.  However, Brian Daniel (aka Headhunter to the Stars) shares his best secrets for scoring those hard-to-find jobs that are not even on the 100 best jobs list.


You may be asking yourself why such a good job would be so far off the radar as not to be mentioned by Forbes, but the reality is that Personal Assistants, Estate Managers and Executive Assistants that work with celebrities and billionaires are among the best kept secrets today.  Learning how to find the dream jobs is not as hard as you think if one just knows who to ask, and in this case, someone who has experience in — and making placements for — those coveted PA postions.


Brian Daniel is among the best of the bunch when it comes to advising job seekers how to avoid the best and worst positions because he’s walked in the shoes and held the rarefied positions.


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