Hiring a Headhunter: Getting Started


Thanks for your interest in The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network.  If you would like to discuss a placement, please supply the following:


  • A job description with all the duties and responsibilities outlined
  • A salary range for the position
  • The name of the employer


For security reasons we do not engage in anonymous consultations. We have to know who we are sharing confidential information with. Also, we have a firm policy that all the aforementioned requests must be fulfilled before we move forward with discussing a placement.  In order to provide outstanding service to our clients, we can’t discuss how we can exceed your expectations without knowing what those expectations are. Additionally, we need to know if the salary range meets the industry standard.


Because of the high-volume of requests to discuss placements, we have provided employers with answers to all of the most commonly asked questions below. After we have received the requested data, we can then send over our schedule of fees, which are based in-part on your specific needs. Please be advised that we receive many requests each day about hiring personal assistants, so the policy in place assures that the time spent discussing a placement is optimized for both the client and the agency. Thanks for your understanding.



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