Tips for Interviewing with Skype

Here are some very important things to remember when interviewing with Skype, which is a free application that anyone can use for face-to-face interviews and conferences.

    • If you don’t have Skype, you can download it for free at
    • Even if you’re familiar with Skype, be sure to test your system to ensure that it’s working properly.  You can adjust your audio and video settings by visiting TOOLS, then go to OPTIONS.
    • After you’ve adjusted your settings, make a test call to a friend or family member.  If you’re unable to reach anyone, then you can make a test call on the Skype platform (by talking to their robot).
    • When using Skype, be sure to look directly into your video camera.  It seems awkward, but most people want to look at the screen so that they can look at the person they are speaking with.  By doing this, though, the person you are speaking with is watching you look down.  In effect, they are talking to your forehead.  You can raise your computer to eye level (with some books) so this seems less awkward.
    • Make sure the environment if free from all distractions and is quiet. Nothing in the background should be out-of-place or distracting.
    • When interviewing with employers or potential clients, the Skype interview is essentially taking the place of a face-to-face interview, so you should be formally dressed as you would in a real-life situation.  First impressions are everything.
    • Most notebooks/laptop computers come with a camera and microphone built in.  If for some reason you’re on older equipment and had to purchase an external camera and/or microphone, be sure to invest in something that is of quality.  Nobody wants to see a blurry image or hear a muffled voice. On that note, you should not use earphones unless you absolutely have to.  It’s looks distracting to see strings hanging out of someone’s ears.
    • Make sure you only appear in the Skype database one time.  In other words, delete any other abandon profiles you may have.  It’s common for some Skype users to have several profiles they opened in the past and no longer use because they’ve forgotten about them.  If someone tries to find you on Skype, they will be dismayed trying to “friend you” and will not know which profile you are actually using.
    • Be sure to add a high-quality photo to your Skype profile, and don’t use a selfie.  The photo should represent you and you should be wearing professional business attire.



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