Professional resume writer and career coach

Never before has the job market been as competitive as it is now. Job seekers need to be on their A-game in every respect if they hope to land interviews and ultimately get a job. When Human resource managers post open positions online, it’s common to have hundreds or even thousands of job applicants apply for the job. With that kind of stiff competition, the first line of defense for the applicant is to hire a professional resume writer to get your submission noticed.

So what can a career coach do for you?

Essentially, a career coach is going to look at your resume and overall presentation to prospective employers. Having an experienced third-eye to analyze your technique to ultimately help you refine your weak points.  This critique is a very important tool for understanding why you are rejected from jobs because asking for feedback after interviews is useless (they will never be truthful with you).


Assistant Resources

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Here are a number of popular resources for personal and executive assistants to make your job easier (MORE»).