Premiere Personal Assistant Agency Serves Greater Miami and Florida

The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network is an exclusive personal assistant agency that places personal assistants with celebrities, executives, and other high net worth families.  Founder and director of this domestic staffing agency is famed personal assistant Brian Daniel – who has worked with Hollywood A-list, millionaires, billionaires, icons of industry and even royalty.


Greater Miami has always been a hotspot for the jet set, and the wealth in areas like Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, and the Key Islands (from Key Largo to Key West) have some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.  To serve the needs of the uber wealthy are high-end personal assistants and estate mangers, who keep the exotic car fleets and private jets ready at all times.


It takes a very special breed and pedigree of personal assistants that can keep up with the break-neck speed.  It sounds much easier than it is because the pressure is great, and the hours are very long.  But for the assistants that can take the heat, being a personal assistant to the high net worth can be a lucrative career path.


Whether you’re in Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Orlando or Tampa, premier personal assistants are always in demand, and The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network is there to fill the need. The unique thing about our domestic staffing agency is our personal attention and high success rate with placements.  Other run-of-the-mill personal assistant agencies are trying to be all things to all people.  They offer maids, nannies, mannies, personal chefs, personal trainers, chauffeurs, butlers, gardeners, and even birthday clowns.


With thousands of names in a database, it’s impossible to have a personal relationship with the candidates the “celebrity staffing agency” represents.  The employee turnover is such fast-pace environments is usually very high, and sometimes staffed with college interns and temp employees with very little real-world experience.


The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network is truly a boutique agency, so we can go the extra mile and give clients the attention they deserve.  We serve all counties in the state of Florida, including but not limited to: Miami Dade County, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, and Martin.


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