Personal Assistant Tips: Gift shopping for the High Net Worth

As a personal assistant to a celebrity or high net worth family, gift-shopping is standard operating procedure. Bosses will often tell their celebrity assistants to get something “unique” for one of their other celebrity friends. But that is easier said than done.  What do you get for someone who already has everything?


The obvious solution for most is to have something original made from scratch — something that’s one-of-a-kind. A number of high-end retailers cater to the ultra wealthy, and some of them are so exclusive they give Tiffany’s and Harry Winston’s a run a for their money.


Below is a piece of “art” worth 100 million-dollars, which is titled “For the Love of God”.  It is made with flawless diamonds and certainly would fit into the “unique” category.  However, any personal assistant wanting to buy something like this will probably need to have their expense account increased.



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