Personal assistant tips

Do you have the commitment to be a personal assistant?

Strategies for finding personal assistant jobs

Do you have the proper track record to be celebrity PA?

Do you know about the toys for the super rich?

Do you know how to plan for overseas trips?

Making restaurant reservations to fancy places

Do your homework before applying to a high net worth family

The Forbes Rich List is a great resource for locating billionaires in your area

The opportunities to work for the super wealthy

Getting a passport in a rush

Making a good first impression for personal assistant

Hiring contractors to come to your boss’ house

Hold your co-workers accountable for their mistakes

Taking precautions at a new personal assistant job

Don’t take advantage of your position

Always be optimistic at work


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Assistant Resources

career coaching

Here are a number of popular resources for personal and executive assistants to make your job easier (MORE»).