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There has been an explosion of billionaires in the world. now reports that there are over 1,200 in the world.  While it’s true that the United States has almost half of the world’s billionaires, New York City ranks in a meager 2nd place for cities with the most billionaires:


#1: Moscow, Russia 
Number of Billionaires: 79
Total combined wealth: $375 billion


# 2: New York City, NY
Number of Billionaires: 59
Total combined wealth: $220 billion


# 3: London, England 
Number of Billionaires: 41
Total combined wealth: $164 billion


# 4: Hong Kong, China
Number of Billionaires: 40
Total combined wealth: $176 billion


#5 Istanbul, Turkey
Number of Billionaires: 36
Total combined wealth: $60 billion


Since the super-wealthy employ small armies of staff to cater to their whims, the opportunities to work for the wealthy are unprecedented in history.  For personal assistants especially, just think how long it would take to apply to the 400 billionaires in American alone.

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