Personal Assistant Jobs: Hybrid Positions

Personal assistant jobs are more in-demand than ever before. As reported by CNBC News:


  • There are over 9 million millionaires in the United States (That’s 180,000 in each state)
  • About 50,000 U.S. households have net worth between 50 and 500 million dollars
  • There are over 1,200 billionaires, and almost half of them live in the United States


What does that mean for Personal assistants, estate managers and executive assistants? The numbers speak for themselves. The opportunities to work for a high net worth family in an assistant capacity are unprecedented in history. The ultra-rich employ small armies of staff to manage their personal and professional lives, and tens-of-thousands of these types of positions exist in the United States alone.


For example, there are almost 500 billionaires in America. About 50 live in New York City, and even less live in Los Angeles. So the billionaires are spread throughout the country – they’re not just in major cities. Dream jobs exist in every nook and cranny. High net worth individuals live in even the smallest cities; you don’t need to move to Miami, Washington D.C., Chicago or another major city to land the best jobs.


Assistants play a critical role in the everyday life of a VIP or celebrity because the assistant, in effect, is acting in a business management capacity. They are the ultimate gatekeepers because they manage portfolios, estates, private jets and, most importantly, access to the important person they work for.


Hybrid personal assistants

Employers today get a lot for their money, and they also get their pick of the litter when it comes to candidate selection. Personal assistants also need to be executive assistants – the “hybrid” position today is in vogue.


In years past, the assistant worlds were separate. The “executive assistant” worked strictly in a corporate environment, and the “personal assistant” worked out-of-the-office and assisted the celebrity or high net worth individual with their personal life. Now, things have changed. Personal assistant jobs are an amalgamation of personal and professional duties. So, if an assistant doesn’t have the ability, thick skin and temperament to do all things A to Z, then they will certainly struggle when it comes to surviving to today’s marketplace.


There are more personal assistants jobs worldwide than ever before


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