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Personal Assistants, Estate Managers & Executive Assistants for the High Net Worth

Personal Assistant Jobs & Personal Assistant Agencies
By Brian Daniel
*Originally posted Feb 2011


The ideal personal assistant jobs can be obtained through the elite personal assistant agency if you know how to present yourself. Working for celebrities, book authors, lawyers, finance wizards, or billionaires as a personal assistant can be the best job out there.


In an ever-changing economic climate, many are reevaluating their chosen careers. More and more are learning that a career personal assistant position to someone wealthy is a gateway to fabulous pay and perks that are unparalleled in any other industry. Few industries worldwide will pay candidates $150,000 to $250,000 a year without a Master’s degree. However, the role of the high-end personal assistant, aka “Lifestyle Manager,” can do just that. In fact, many of the world’s most famous personal assistants do not even have a 4-year degree.


Personal assistants are not just for movie stars and athletes. Finance gurus, hedge fund managers, book authors, and high net worth families are desperate to find trustworthy assistants that have the fortitude to handle every aspect of their personal and professional lives. It may sound easy, but the role of the personal concierge is very demanding and it is, generally, a high-stress job.


Personal assistant jobs to the ultra-wealthy can be 60 to 80 hours a week. Additionally, it is not at all uncommon to work 7 days a week for months at a time. The whole Catch-22 behind finding the ideal assistant is to land a candidate that has the perfect fusion of administrative skills and aptitude to handle all things A to Z – even if that sometimes means doing menial work. A personal assistant has to be a chameleon, think quickly on their feet, and be able to solve any crisis with out-of-the-box solutions.


For those personal assistants who can rise to the occasion, traveling on private jets and eating at the world’s best restaurants is commonplace. Many who are just starting in the business are willing to actually work for free just to have access to the lifestyle that only the richest 1% gets to enjoy.


Finding a dream job in any industry is not easy, and the personal assistant venue is no different. The first step is to find an elite personal assistant agency that caters to the super rich, but be prepared to submit to a background check, driving record review, as well as a credit check. Moreover, a stack of strong recommendation letters will also be needed.


It is quite possible to land a celebrity personal assistant job if one doesn’t have direct experience, but your past job experience should be related: business or hospitality is best. The candidate should know something about the industry of their boss; so if an application has been submitted to a Wall Street tycoon, familiarity of the finance world is helpful.