The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network (The Network) places executive assistants, estate managers and personal assistants with celebrities and high net worth families in Greater New York City: Upper East Side, West Side, Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, Tribeca, Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, and the Wall Street Crowd.


There has long been a need for astute personal assistants that cater to the jet-set crowd in New York, but few personal assistant agencies can truly call themselves “boutique” like The Network the recruitment firm specializes only in assistants.


The average employment agency  – even ones that focus just on domestic help – try to be all things to all people (Jack of all trades) because they are high-volume operations that are usually commission-driven.  The Network believes that trying to handle nannies, mannies, private chefs, maids, drivers, security personnel, groundskeepers, dog walkers, and personal assistants is difficult at best.  “It’s impossible to have a personal relationship with your applicants and clients if you have hundreds of people to juggle,” says Brian Daniel, founder of The Network.


Brian Daniel has worked with Hollywood A-list, millionaires, billionaires, and even royalty.  Because of his extensive experience inside the world of the super-rich, he knows how to properly qualify candidates.  Most employment agencies are run by temp employees and college interns, so properly “qualifying” personal assistants in those high-volume operations is virtually impossible.  The Network goes through extraordinary lengths to ensure that candidates are turn-key in every way possible, which means they are adept at managing households, booking private jets, making travel arrangements, and usually have backstage experience to events like The Academy Awards.


Heirs and heiresses, hedge fund managers, fashion designers, book authors, Broadway producers, actors, musicians, movie directors, sports figures, Fortune 500 executives, CEOs, and other artists are always in need of reliable and trustworthy personal assistants.  But maintaining privacy is equally important to them and the average employment agency typically asks for intrusive information from clients and the initial interviews are not usually handled by the business owner.  In that respect, Brian Daniel personally handles each and every client from start to finish and confidentiality is always a top priority.


For more information about hiring a personal assistant or estate manager in Greater New York City, contact The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network online at


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