Executive PA to Forbes list billionaire

Ivy League Executive Assistant to a Billionaire in New York City

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TITLE: Executive / Personal Assistant
INDUSTRY: Finance / Misc. entrepreneur
HOURS: Full time + (on call 24/7)
TRAVEL: Frequent traveling required
EDUCATION LEVEL: Master’s degree required
(Business related/Ivy league preferred)
PRIOR EXPERIENCE: 10 years minimum
PAY: up to $250,000 (based on experience)
plus year-end bonuses, benefits, perks, etc.


NOTE: Please be advised that this is the short JD and qualified candidates will receive the full list of duties and responsibilities once the initial screening is complete. Additionally, the entire interview process will be several stages long and could take up to three months (or more).


We are currently seeking a world-class executive/personal assistant for our high-profile client in New York City. We will only consider the best of the best candidates with an outstanding work history and demonstrated ability to exceed past employers’ expectations.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for a renowned business leader that tops the Fortune and Forbes list – a billionaire involved in a number of endeavors and this EA will need to be on his or her A-game every day of the week.


This opportunity can lead to advancement inside of the organization for candidates who are able to go above and beyond the call of duty. The client’s business is multinational and the opportunities to move up and around the company are virtually limitless.  Candidates that speak more than one language will get special consideration as the employer does business in a number of international cities worldwide.


A Master’s degree is absolutely required (i.e. Business or Finance very strongly desired, preferably from an Ivy League institution), and a non-disclosure agreement must be signed before the candidate can start the interview process. Assistants with an MA in a field unrelated to business, like photography for example, will not be considered.


This position isn’t your run-of-the-mill Executive Assistant position because you will serve as a true right hand to this business mogul, essentially working as a sort of business manager. The candidate will be involved in critical areas of the operation and will be privy to very sensitive data; therefore, a number of special requirements exist as they are directly related to the applicant’s job duties and responsibilities: criminal background check, credit review, personality test, driving record check, and the assistant must be insured because of the responsibilities related to having control over large amounts of cash and credit. All requirements/procedures are well within New York State law and will be managed through the client’s in-house attorneys.


This is primarily an executive assistant position with some PA duties (menial tasks are handled by subordinates). The workload is quite heavy and the required office hours each week are about 50, but you will be on-call 24/7, seven days a week (which is why the pay is so phenomenal). In short, this gig is not for the faint of heart.



  • Experience managing very complex calendars that constantly change
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience supporting an ultra-high net worth individual or billionaire
  • Must be well-versed in the world of private aviation because the client owns several private jets and a helicopter (also owns a fleet of exotic cars and a mega-yacht)
  • Candidates with short-term stints of one-year at previous employers will not be considered
  • Should have at least 3 years of tenure at current/last employer
  • Must have strong letters of recommendation from the last two employers
  • Ideally, the assistant should come from an employment background supporting executives in finance or philanthropy
  • Experience leading diversified teams in both corporate and domestic environments (will oversee subordinate assistants, yacht crew, and estate managers at multiple properties)
  • Must have superior knowledge of Microsoft Office and be able to program advanced Excel spreadsheets (Expert/Master MOS certification a big plus)
  • Six Sigma Certification also a very big plus
  • Candidates that had an exceptionally high GPA and/or ones that graduated with honors will have special consideration (applicants that graduated with a GPA below 3.0 will not be considered)
  • Excellent English-writing and grammar skills are critical as the assistant will regularly correspond on behalf of the employer (to business leaders, celebrities, agents, business managers, investors, philanthropists, etc.).



  • Up to $250,000 (based on experience and salary history)
  • Country club membership
  • Company car (BMW or Mercedes)
  • Full health insurance package
  • Retirement plan available (based on requirements that will be disclosed at a later date)
  • Two weeks paid vacation
  • Year-end bonuses based on performance
  • A relocation package is possible for the right candidate



  • Candidates must be able to leave town on a moment’s notice and could be gone for days/weeks at a time.
  • Must be unflappable and have incredibly thick skin like a rhinoceros because you will constantly be under tremendous pressure and will have to meet break-neck deadlines on a regular basis.


ABOUT THE RECRUITER: The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network is the world’s preeminent headhunting firm that exclusively places assistants with high-profile families, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, sports figures and Forbes/Fortune list billionaires. Our founder, Brian Daniel, is the only recruiter in the industry who has worked as a PA to Hollywood A-list, billionaires and royalty.


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