How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Job Market

Staying relevant in today’s job market is easier than one would think.  Even with the fierce competition for jobs, some small and easy things can be done to make yourself stand out.


You can start by taking a computer class at your local college.  No matter how proficient you think you are in MS Office, I guarantee that there are many features you don’t know.  Even if you are a “black-belt” in Word from previous incarnations of the program, the features have changed substantially.


I often get résumés that are clearly created from Word 1997.  If you are still working on an XP system, or even Vista for that matter, then you are operating in the past.  Get updated to Windows 7 and Windows 8 and quit hanging onto the past.  If you fall behind, then your competitors will pass you by.


Taking a computer class will also help you learn some advanced features for Excel and PowerPoint.  Don’t be the one at work that gives shoddy presentations because you don’t know how to outperform your colleagues.


Personal Assistants need to stay up-to-date with technology


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