How to Negotiate your Salary

By far, the trickiest part of the hiring process is negotiating your benefits package — especially in this dicey job market.  There is an easy way to handle this situation without being confrontational, and at the same time keeping yourself from over- or under-bidding.


At some point during the interview process, the recruiter or HR manager is going to ask you about your desired salary.  Some employers may ask what you made at your last employer, which is sometimes unfair because many prestigious jobs don’t pay a fair wage.  Working as a celebrity personal assistant  is just one example.  You may be worth twice what you’re getting paid in those types of situations.


If the interviewer asks you what you want to get paid, just put things back in their lap and ask what the pay range is for the position.   They usually won’t answer because they are trying to be as careful as you are.  In that case, you may some something like this:


I’m sure you’ll agree that a number of factors go into calculating a fair wage: hours to be worked each week, level of responsibility, and my experience level.  Right now I’m not concerned about salary because I’m confident we will come to an arrangement that we can both live with.  After all, I’m more concerned about the fit right now, not the pay.  If you decide to move forward with a job offer, I will certainly consider that against my other offers and get back with you right away.


What you’ve done in this situation is simple and easy.  You haven’t committed to a number, so you haven’t over- or under-bid.  Additionally, you’re putting the professional pressure on them to make you a reasonable offer — and soon.  If the employer is keen on hiring you, they aren’t going to risk losing you to someone else.
NOTE: All job offers should be in writing and you certainly can counteroffer their proposal if you feel the salary is too low.


Personal Assistants need to know how to negotiate a fair compensation package



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