How to Hire a Personal Assistant

If you want to hire a personal assistant, then precautions need to be taken to ensure that you will get a quality candidate. Additionally, private employers must take care that they don’t open themselves to any security issues when taking out ads.

It goes without saying that hiring an employment agency to help you find a personal assistant has tremendous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • A headhunter will screen candidates so that you don’t open yourself up to fraud.
  • It saves you time: Job ads can easily garner 1000 or more resumes, and sifting through them is very time consuming.
  • The privacy factor: If you take out an ad online, then everyone will know that you are looking for an assistant. You may not want the word out on the street, especially if you’re planning on firing the candidate you have.
  • Most private employers simply don’t have the experience to qualify candidates. Just because a personal assistant worked for another celebrity or high net worth employer doesn’t mean they are going to be a fit for your household.

If you want to hire a personal assistant, contact us for more information.

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