How to Get Free Hotel Suite Upgrades

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If you travel regularly with your boss, of course you probably won’t be enjoying the luxuries of the kind of hotel suites he or she stays in. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the matter into your own hands and get an upgrade. It’s actually very easy if you follow these steps:

  • When checking into the property, be sure to get your boss squared-away first. That way your private business won’t be seen by them. After your boss leaves the front desk with their keys, then you can get to work.
  • Put your best “sad face” on and tell the front desk clerk you’ve had a very hard day. Watch their facial indicators and body language. Do they feel empathy for you? Based on your rapport with the front desk person, gauge whether or not you will need to use a $10 or $20 bill – have one of each in either pocket so that you don’t have to pull out a wad of cash.
  • Discreetly slip the tip to the front desk agent and say, “I would very deeply appreciate it if you could try and get me a nice room because I really need to unwind from a 14-hour day.”  It may be hard to believe, but front desk agents rarely receive tips — even at 5-star hotels.  So they will be very grateful to you.

At the VERY LEAST the front desk agent will get you a room with a view or the best room available in your room-category. Usually, though, they will upgrade you to the next room-category up –- or to a suite. It’s that simple and easy.


Personal Assistant Tips: Take care of your front desk agent and they will take care of you


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