How to Create a Healthy Work Environment

Personal assistants can be difference makers at work

When working for celebrities, high net worth families and billionaires, executive personal assistants have enough pressure as it is – so they don’t need to be working in a toxic environment that will add even more stress to their burden. In the world of the super-rich, it’s common for the staff to be living in fear and never knowing if it will be their last day at work. If you’re working in such an environment, you can turn the tides by being a leader and eventually your positive energy will be contagious.


Don’t adopt the sycophant (“yes-man”) mentality: If people at your private office are living in a perpetual state of fear, then it’s likely there is a lot of back-biting in your organization. This “Emperor’s New Clothes” mentality breeds contempt and you want to stay away from it. Set a positive example and be the one that everyone can count on to save the day. Positive people are a breath of fresh air in environments that need a turnaround.


The glass should always be half full: Of course the work as a personal assistant is sometimes grueling, but that’s why you were hired for the job – because you can take it. But don’t let it get the best of you. Stay optimistic and take little breathers in-between your accomplished tasks (to-do list). Even if it’s just for five minutes, step outside for a quick walk to re-focus yourself. Studies show that if you unplug yourself for a short time, then in the long-run you’re going to be more productive.


Don’t enable the complainers: Sometimes the path of least resistance is just to appease the domestic staff by agreeing with them (or at least not disagreeing) when they complain about working conditions. The problem with this is that you will perpetuate the complacency and apathy. If there are any OSHA violations, then of course it must be addressed immediately. But, in many cases, it’s just a case of pessimism. So, in that case, try to inject some perspective into the situation by pointing out all of the positives about the job.


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