How to “Brand” Your Executive Assistant Image

Nowadays, everyone is talking about having a “personal brand” in the marketplace. So what is it anyway? Just like companies have a brand image, people can too. Can a personal assistant have a brand? Yes, absolutely. You can control the way you are perceived by employers, and you should have a 360 degree approach, especially since the job market is so fiercely competitive. Here are some considerations:


How you dress for the interview

Billionaires, celebrities and Fortune 500 executives are very concerned about how their employers represent them, especially if you are the right hand to a CEO or high net worth individual. The way you dress says a lot about you, so a lot of consideration should go into your attire. If you’re going to be interviewing to work for a VIP, then it’s certainly possible that you will go through a long, arduous interview process – which can actually take months and be six-stages long.


Every interaction you have with the potential employer is a chance to win them over, so don’t wear the same outfit every time just because you think it makes you look good. Do a little spying and visit the LinkedIn pages of people working in the company, and doing some homework online may also shed some light on the process. It’s common for former, current and potential candidates to post tid-bits that can help you get an insight as to what they’re looking for.


Your online and social media presence

Not enough people pay attention to how they are perceived online. Social media profiles can completely destroy your career. It’s scientifically and statistically proven that most HR managers are going to research the candidate at some time during the interview process. Make sure that all of your social media profiles are set to private, and of course make sure that your profile picture is professional – no selfies, especially on LinkedIn.


Your verbal and written message

Employers want to see that candidates are well-versed in every aspect. If you are going to work for a Chairman or company President, then you will be corresponding on their behalf, so your writing skills must be first-rate. During your research (company homework), you should thoroughly investigate the company’s “message” (mission statement, blog, etc.) so you can then “walk the walk and talk the talk” of their company. Finally, make sure your resume conveys professionalism and do make it so boring. Every visit throughout your interview will require your delivering a hard-copy, so make sure the layout, font, and even the paper look outstanding.  As the old saying goes: god is in the details.  If you pay attention to all of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves, and that’s how to build your personal brand.


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