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Brian Daniel, Headhunter to the Stars, tells you all his secrets for personal assistant jobs.  Because of all his experience of working with celebrities and high net worth families, Daniel has valuable first-hand experience working with the world’s highest profile super elite.


In this ebook, Daniel has interactive hyperlinks which puts the reader right in the day and life of a celebrity personal assistant.  This book, titled “Dream Careers: The Tutorial for Finding Elite Personal Assistant Jobs,” has photos and videos of life on the job.


This must have ebook is the world’s only interactive personal assistant book with hundreds of resources online. Some of the content includes how to shine in the interview, where to find the best personal assistant jobs, and how to approach high net worth families with tact and grace.



Brian Daniel is a former celebrity assistant to Hollywood A-list, high-profile families, billionaires and even royalty. He started his amazing career in Los Angeles and retired working with the Saudi Royal Family in 2007 to start his headhunting firm, The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, which is the world’s only personal assistant agency dedicated exclusively to celebs and the ultra rich.

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Here are a number of popular resources for personal and executive assistants to make your job easier (MORE»).