How to Avoid Derailing Your Career

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

As executive personal assistants, we’ve all had less-than-ideal jobs that we’d soon like to forget, like working for a cranky boss or being surrounded by backstabbers and sycophants. Sometimes that work-related stress can get to us and occasionally we might lash out in a way we won’t soon forget.


Always be sure to practice emotional intelligence and not do anything that could setback your career. Here is a list of practices assistants should avoid at all costs:


Not supporting your coworkers: Don’t act petty and not support colleagues just because you don’t like the way they behave. Sure, maybe they don’t deserve the help, but keep in mind that only one thing matters at work: supporting the celebrity or high net worth individual you work for. Karma will probably catch up with your mean coworker and they will get their comeuppance, but it’s not your job to dish it out.


Not keeping your word: Personal assistants need to be true to their word. If you’ve made either a personal or professional commitment to do something, then stick to it and don’t make excuses about why you couldn’t do something. “I’m busy” just doesn’t cut it because everyone else is busy too. If you’re not sure about whether or not you can do something by a specific deadline, then just give a window in which you leave yourself a little cushion in the event you can’t deliver on time.


Being impatient with your boss: Celebrities, billionaires and high-profile executives can have very demanding personalities. In fact, to put it mildly, they can be quite eccentric. But that’s no reason for executive assistants to lose their cool. Avoid playing any game in which you feel you must prove to your boss they are wrong (even if they are).


Being unprofessional around coworkers: Sometimes personal assistants become a little too comfortable at work and start picking up bad habits like bad-mouthing colleagues, being late, missing deadlines or ranting in emails. Never become too cozy because your overconfidence is a career-killer. If you’re telling friends or coworkers that “this place would shut down without me,” then you’re living in a delusional state. Rest assured, no matter how talented, effective and hardworking you are, the company won’t close if you’re not there – they can live without you. If make too many mistakes at work and do get yourself fired by your celebrity boss, then you’re sure not to get the valuable recommendation for the next job.


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