The Greater San Francisco area is fast-becoming a market for career personal assistants and estate managers, as Los Angeles and New York have been for decades.  One elite personal assistant agency has recently stepped-up to accommodate the growing needs of the ultra-rich; and that’s The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network (The Network), which places Personal Assistants, Estate Managers, and Executive Assistants in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley: San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Napa, and Berkeley.  Cities as far south as Santa Cruz and Monterey are not excluded.


The San Francisco personal assistant market has been simmering for years, but with the explosion of wealth in the Silicon Valley, the needs of the rich and famous in Northern California are almost insatiable.  Founder of The Network, Brian Daniel, recognized the growing need for personal assistants in the Silicon Valley because this new Internet Generation of tech wizards is traveling with private jets and purchasing mega-mansions.  The Network already covers other major U.S. markets like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, and Miami.


“It takes a very special kind of person to handle the lifestyles of the upper-echelon,” says Brian Daniel.  “There has to be a perfect blend of administration skills, as well as that of a personal concierge.”  Los Angeles certainly has their fair share of celebrity personal assistants, but the Greater San Francisco Bay Area has a shortage of seasoned professionals that are able to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the super-wealthy.  And Mr. Daniel should know what it takes because he has worked with Hollywood A-list, millionaires, billionaires, and even royalty – all over the world!


“There is no shortage of candidates who want to do the job, but wanting it is not enough.  To be a personal assistant to a CEO, celebrity, high net worth family, sports figure, book author, entrepreneur or lawyer, one has to be able to work long hours and work under tremendous pressure.  Not everyone is able or willing to make those kinds of sacrifices,” says Brian.


What makes The Network so special is that Brian Daniel takes extraordinary care in thoroughly qualifying the candidates.  It’s not enough to have worked with a wealthy or famous family before because that just gets you the interview.  The standards at The Network are unmatched by the typical employment agency because most of those types of operations are simply too high-volume and primarily commission-driven.  Additionally, most employment agencies are staffed with college interns and temporary employees, none of which have actually done the job of a personal assistant, so properly “qualifying” candidates is very difficult at best.


The Network is a boutique operation that spends an inordinate amount of time interviewing candidates so that a perfect match can be made with potential employers.  Moreover, The Network specializes in personal assistants and estate managers only.  Other employment agencies are mostly “jack of all trades” and try to be all things to all people, which says a lot about that kind of operation.  “In my opinion,” says Brian, “it is impossible to have the type of quality control I have if you place personal assistants, estate managers, gardeners, privates chefs, maids, nannies, and security personnel.  It isn’t possible to have a personal relationship with your staff, candidates and clients if you have 500 people you’re working with.”


The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network currently represents personal assistants that have worked with Paul Newman, Cindy Crawford, Al Pacino, Denise Richards, Britney Spears, Jay Z, Damon Wayons, and Ashton Kutcher to name a few.  It goes without saying that The Network’s current client list is confidential.  “This business is all about secrecy,” says Brian.  “It’s not only for the benefit of my clients and personal assistants, but also for my business.  The other employment agencies are desperate to find out who I’m working with and that data is as protected as the JFK assassination files at the CIA headquarters in Washington DC.”


Brian Daniel rarely grants interviews to the press for fear of damaging his reputation for discretion.  Most of the pop culture magazines always want him to name names or to have the article take a gossip-like slant.  However, Brian Daniel and The Network were recently featured on the home page of in an article titled “How to Earn Six Figures as a Personal Assistant”.


For more information about hiring a personal assistant in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, contact The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network at


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