Fast & Easy Tips for Improving Your Resume

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Know how to get your resume noticed when submitting it online


If you’re not scoring job interviews after countless submissions, then you may not need a career coach just yet. Here are some fast, simple and easy tips for improving your resume:


Customize your resume submission

The first line of defense is for you to customize your resume for the job you are submitting to. Yes, of course it’s a lot of work, but having one generic resume that you submit to every job is too old school and somewhat lazy. Recruiters know when you don’t take the time to customize your submission, so you’re simply handing the job to someone else who cares enough about the job to go the extra mile.  Showcase your skills that match the job description in your bullet points, and erase the ones you don’t need.


Delete the objective statement

Objective statements are outdated and useless. Isn’t it blatantly obvious what your objective is if you’ve submitted yourself for the job? This format is archaic and so 1980s. While many resume templates still have it, you should replace it with a “qualification summary”. The top of your resume is prime real estate and should be able to tell a human resources manager what skills you have. Candidates only have 10 seconds to catch the attention of the employer before it’s deleted.


Volunteer in your community

Having volunteer experience on your resume is a fabulous way to get recruiters to notice you. It shows you genuinely care about others, and that sort of spirit is great for team-building. Better yet, it won’t cost you anything (but time) to do it, and it adds tremendous value to your application.


Add key words from the job description

Humans don’t look at your resume when you submit it. HR departments employ scanning software that searches for key words and phrases, so you may be disqualified if you aren’t a match.


Eliminate text boxes

Text boxes are terrible for resumes. They block the scanning software from scanning parts of your resume. Never have anything on your resume that will prevent you from getting an interview.


Get CPR certified

Visit your local fire department or YMCA and ask about getting a life-saving certification known as CPR. This is such a simple thing to do, and it will certainly make “special skills” section stand out. Think about it this way: employers have hundreds of candidates that submit resumes for consideration. Many of those candidates will have more education and experience than you do. So, in the end, all of the little changes to your resume that can give you a leg-up are helpful.


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