FAQs About Our Personal Assistant Jobs
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Do you post all jobs that your company receives on your website?
No. Most of the jobs that we are hired to fill, be it a Chief of Staff, Personal Assistant, Estate Manager or Executive Assistant, are booked immediately through the existing network of candidates registered with our company. That’s why being registered is so important (go to the JOBS page and follow submission instructions to register).


What types of personal assistant jobs do you place?
Celebrities are not always Hollywood A-list movie stars. High profile individuals throughout the U.S. and abroad contact us: book authors, executives, entrepreneurs, sports figures, moguls and icons of industry.


Do you only take clients from cities listed on your website?
We take clients from all over the United States and the world. Anyone who wants to hire our founder, Brian Daniel, to find the perfect executive/personal assistant can do so.


I sent an email asking for guidance and never heard back.  How can I get advice about obtaining employment with an executive, celebrity or high net worth family in my area?
Thousands of job seekers visit our website each month looking for help. Due to the very high volume of requests, Brian Daniel has written a book which is available for free HERE.


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