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Personal Assistant Headhunters are recruiters that have an express purpose when they are hired by employers: they find the right candidate for the job, whether that be a personal assistant, estate manager, or executive assistant.  It is the headhunter’s job to match the candidate with the skills listed on the job description.


Domestic Staffing Agencies are businesses that cater to employers that are seeking specific candidates for administrative tasks.  Some domestic staffing agencies cater to specific fields, but most have a very wide range of fields including: personal assistants, executive assistants, estate managers, dog walkers, security personnel, maids, nannies, mannies, butlers, and so on.


Employment Agencies: A term more broadly used and usually the opposite of a domestic staffing agency in the sense that regular employment agencies cater to the corporate world.  Some agencies cater to executive searches for positions that pay over $100,000 a year, and up to $1,000,000.  Most employment agencies are going to supply temps or temp to hire, so employers can “test drive” a candidate to see if they like the person before committing to paying a commission to the agency.


Personal Assistant Jobs cover a wide array of positions: executive assistant, personal assistant, executive personal assistant, executive administrative assistant, concierge, secretary, etc.  Any time an “assistant” is employed to cover a wide array of tasks like managing calendars, schedules, personal and professional meetings, booking vacations, managing exotic car fleets, booking private jets and first-class travel, then the term “assistant” is used.  Even a tutor can be called an assistant, specifically someone for learning a language like English.


Personal Assistant Training can be very useful for employers.  Not all PAs are going to be 100% qualified in all areas, and that’s were a seasoned celebrity personal assistant like Brian Daniel can help.  Getting coaching for job performance is a critical step during on the job training because a personal assistant’s work is never done.


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