Purchase Agreement & eBook Return Policy

If you receive a copy of an ebook by Brian Daniel, then you agree to the following  terms and conditions:


To help fight the pervasive piracy that exists on the internet today, all ebooks are stamped with an ID that is unique to the buyer. Your copy of the ebook may NOT be resold or given away. Thanks for doing your part to combat the unethical practice of copyright infringement.


Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you may return it for a refund under the following conditions:

  • All ebook returns must be accompanied with the original PayPal receipt
  • Only PayPal users with a verifiable address are eligible for refunds
  • Ebooks are only guaranteed authentic if purchased from this site
  • Refunds are only issued for books purchased from this site
  • Refunds will not be issued 14 days after purchase
  • All refunds require a brief explanation for the return
  • Refunds are issued by check and processed through our corporate office
  • Refunds can take up to 21 days from the date of written request
  • Refunds are only issued to the original purchaser of the ebook
  • Since it’s not possible to “return” an ebook, you agree to delete the ebook from your computer
  • Buyers are only eligible for a refund one time
  • Refunds will only be issued one time per household
  • Since each book is embedded with a unique electronic ID stamp, all promotional offers affiliated with that copy of the book are deemed void
  • Any portion of this agreement is void where prohibited by law


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