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Los Angeles domestic staffing agencies are many, but there is only one Celebrity Personal Assistant Network. Founded by Brian Daniel, “Headhunter to the Stars,” the Network places personal assistants, estate managers and executive assistants with some of the world’s highest profile celebrities and business leaders.


Because Brian Daniel has been an assistant himself, he understands the special characteristics that are needed to be successful in the role.  Just because an assistant worked for one celebrity or VIP in the past doesn’t mean they will be good for someone else.  Each and every job has it’s own special set of hurdles that must be jumped, and Brian Daniel understands how to identify those characteristics in candidates.


The Network is able to attract and recruit the worlds best assistants because of their outstanding reputation. Other Los Angeles domestic staffing agencies are typically high-volume, and they don’t focus in any one area.  They are “one size fits all” operations and try to please all the people all the time.  The Network is the only agency in the United States, perhaps the world, that deals exclusively with personal assistants.


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