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Personal Assistants, Estate Managers & Executive Assistants for the High Net Worth


Benefits of Employer Consulting with Brian Daniel


Due to the overwhelming demand for quality guidance, Brian Daniel is now offering consulting services to employers who need help landing their ideal personal assistant, estate manager or executive assistant.


These tried-and-true sessions have saved employers tens of thousands of dollars in lost time and agency commissions. Being strategic with your hiring campaign will also save lost energy from the heartache and stress that inevitably comes from the arduous recruiting process.



Session talking points include but are not limited to:

  • A point-blank and very candid session which tells employers the naked truth about their desirability to candidates
  • Why being a celebrity or high net worth employer isn’t enough to get the best of the best assistants
  • Learn how to strengthen your job description to entice potential candidates
  • Understand why the top-tier candidates may be cautious about your job/company
  • Learn why MOST recruiters and employment agencies will lie to you and the candidate (which results in turnover), and learn how agents coach candidates to say what you want to hear
  • Why being too rushed to find an assistant will almost surely destroy your chances of getting the best recruit possible
  • Get the truth about your job’s salary range and learn why seasoned candidates know when you’re being too thrifty
  • How to be realistic about your expectations
  • Why holding back in the interview process will hurt you in the long run
  • Understand how burning through candidates or hiring multiple employment agencies damages the desirability of your company
  • Why eccentric or irrational behavior will deter the best candidates
  • Learn why you may be driving away the best candidates
  • How to streamline the interview process
  • No questions or topics are off-limits
  • Complete confidentiality is assured with an NDA clause



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