Celebrity nanny agency

What does a nanny do?
A celebrity nanny, essentially, is another form of a personal assistant, except they help exclusively with the children. The duties and responsibilities vary from family to family, but some of the tasks include but aren’t limited to:

  • Overall welfare of the children
  • They should know CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Basic first-aid knowledge
  • For younger children, changing diapers
  • Playing games with the children
  • Taking them to and from school
  • Some tutoring may be required
  • Families may require that the nanny take part in the child’s development (social skills)
  • Recreational activities: going to parks, shopping, movies, etc.

Nannies that work for celebrities, high net worth families and billionaires will usually need at least 10 years of experience and will need very strong recommendations from previous employers. It goes without saying that employment with VIP families will always require a deep background check. Personality tests and driving record reviews are not uncommon either.


Depending on how many children the family has, there may be a multitude of nannies, with one of them being the “Head Nanny” (usually the one with the most experience).


Salary, wages, perks and other benefits
Nannies that work for billionaires, high net worth families or celebrities can and do make six-figure salaries. This is especially true after the first or second year (once they’ve proven themselves). Children can develop very strong emotional bonds with their caretakers, so wealthy families don’t want to have to hire and train new applicants. Therefore, great incentives can be rewarded to nannies that prove their worth to the family (year-end bonuses, gifts, vacations, etc.).


Confidentiality contracts
When working for celebrities, billionaires and high net worth families, nannies will almost always be required to sign an NDA: Non-disclosure agreement (a confidentiality contract). VIP families have become so protective of their privacy that most of the time the candidate will have to sign the agreement before they even start the interview process. This, essentially, guarantees that anything they see or learn during the interview process can never be shared with anyone – verbally or in writing.  The initial interview process will usually be conducted by an executive personal assistant or senior au pair.


Being a celebrity nanny in today’s day and age is basically a career position. Therefore, those candidates who have a college degree in Childhood Development (or a related field) can command higher salaries.

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