A Personal Assisant’s Lessons for Life & Work: Work Smarter Not Harder


There are usually two kinds of managers: the person who wants to do everything themselves and the person who gives everything to someone else.  The best position, I think, is to be in the middle.  Delegation is very important.  Wanting to do it all yourself is usually the sign of a control freak.   Control freaks at work want things perfect and are usually impossible to please, so don’t be that person.


You’re going to have to trust someone, so get over it; just be smart about it.  Don’t be a bossy boss.  If you work hard and need help, colleagues will see it and respect you, so don’t tie yourself up trying to do everything.  That is why you hire department managers.


I know, you don’t have to say it; a manager’s work is never done.  Ever have those days where you keep your nose to the grindstone and situations just keep coming at you from every direction?  There’s an easy way to handle those situations: always take the lesser of two evils, and handle issues in order of importance.


Ever have a situation with a person in another department not carrying their fair share of the workload?  Maybe you’ve called them ten times and sent three e-mails and it’s still not done.  The first thing to do is put yourself in check.  Ask yourself what your responsibility might be in the matter.  Is it possible you weren’t very cordial when you asked?  Maybe the task isn’t as important as you say it is.  More importantly, maybe you should handle it yourself – if it’s possible.


As far as your workplace enemies are concerned, the best thing to do is kill them with kindness.  Here is the most important lesson you will ever learn… Take a deep breath and do something nice for them.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I know, the thought of doing something nice for someone you don’t like will kill you.  It’s very hard to swallow.


You can have all the success you want in life, and it will cost you less than a dollar.  Here it is:  LifeSavers.  Yes, that’s right, the candy.  Everywhere I go I carry some sort of gum or candy.  Having trouble at DMV?  Having trouble at the bank?  Having trouble getting your parking tickets cleared up?  Try LifeSavers.  Every time I go to the bank, I offer the manager a Tic-Tac and say hello.  It sounds silly but it works.


When I go to the local copy center, all the employees know me by name.  They always do my special orders ahead of schedule and never charge me full price.  If you want to have success, it won’t cost you much.  Just give people the attention they deserve and appreciate.  I could literally go on and on with my candy escapades.


I don’t want to bore you with more stories, but it is very effective.  Try it, but mean it.  Don’t do it because you have to; do it because you want to.  You will make other people feel better, and incidentally, you will feel better too.  That’s working smart!


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