PA Lessons for Life & Work: Sing In the Shower & Dance in Your Underpants


You must always celebrate.  Not just when times are good, especially when they are bad.  Everyone should experience the famous scene from the movie Risky Business at least once a month.  You know the one: when Tom Cruise dances in his underwear with reckless abandon. Don’t be afraid to be crazy.  Tap into your creative juices.  Singing in the shower or in your car is great.  Do it loud!


Playing your favorite music is always a great idea when you’re down because it’s going to put you in a good place.  Songs do that to us.  Just know that when your spirit is down you should take action.  Don’t just go to bed and hide from the problem.  Pick up your favorite CD and have a Risky Business moment.


We must always put things in perspective.  There are people in third-world countries that have no food and water.  Don’t forget, there are incredible people from history – like Joan of Arc and Helen Keller – who prove to everyone that you should never lie down and just “take it.”


Embrace your dreams and write down a definitive success plan.  I like to do my planning when my favorite music is on.  That way it stimulates ideas.  It is important to write down ideas when they come to you.  Don’t wait!  Think of all the times you have said I’ll do it tomorrow.  We all procrastinate, just break the habit.


Make sure you always carry a pen and paper with you.  Just go to the local convenience store and get a little notepad for a buck. That way you can write things down when you think of good ideas.  Then be smart and get started right away.


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