PA Tips: Getting Your Celebrity Boss In Front of a Line without Causing a Scene


Cutting line for your boss takes wits

No person likes to wait in line, VIP or not.  You will often be faced with situations that require you to get your boss in front of the line: restaurants, nightclubs, theme parks, etc.  The best piece of advice that I can give you is that extreme discretion must be used in these situations.  We have all seen how crazy people can be when they see other people cut in line, especially if they’ve been waiting a while.  If your boss decides that he or she wants to eat dinner at a popular restaurant on Friday night and you just show up only to find there’s a 45 minute wait, have no fear because a solution is here.  Follow these steps for busy restaurants and nightclubs:

  • Politely ask for the manager or the person in-charge.
  • When explaining the situation to the manager, have a distressed look on your face so they feel empathy for you.
  • Tell him you’ve messed up a special night out for your boss because you made reservations at the wrong establishment.
  • Closely watch the facial indicators and body language of the manager.  Are they with you or against you?
  • Once you’ve given him the “I could get fired” speech, ask him if there is anything he can do to help you.
  • If he says no, it’s time to use some money.  Have a 20-, 50-, and 100-dollar-bill ready; one in your left, right, and front suit pocket.  Know what denomination is in which pocket.  You don’t want to give him a Benjamin Franklin if he will take a Jackson – get my drift?  By keeping each bill strategically in a certain pocket, you won’t have to pull out a conspicuous wad of cash.  This is both tacky and troublesome because if the manager sees you have a lot of money, he will take you to the cleaners.
  • Tell him you don’t like giving your boss bad news and that you are prepared to take “very good care of the person who takes very good care of you.”  The manager will know immediately what you’re talking about.  Now it becomes a game of wits.  The manager may just blurt out how much they want.  If they don’t, you have to decide how much to give him.  If you value the professional relationship and will visit again, go for the 50 or 100.  If you’re out-of-town and this is a one-time shot, go for the 20.
  • Don’t give him the money until you’re inside and sitting down!  I’ve been in situations, especially in Las Vegas, where the manager takes your money and never comes back.
  • Once you’re in the establishment and you’re actually seated and you know it’s a done deal, very discreetly shake the hand of the person who helped you, all the while the money is cupped in your palm – simple, easy, no drama.


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