A Celebrity Personal Assisant’s Lessons for Life & Work: Consider the Source


Have you ever noticed that when things are going badly for you that everyone you know has the PERFECT solution for your problem? Let’s say you’re having trouble with your significant other, and maybe you’ve been fighting too much.  Your “friends,” all of a sudden, are experts on the subject.  They say, “You should dump her.”  Maybe you should.  But before you listen to anyone, consider the source.  Is this person really qualified to tell you the right thing?  I’m all for running possible solutions back and forth with a friend, but be careful!


If I listened to the expert advice of my friends, I might still be a dishwasher at my first job.  Do you get my drift?  You certainly don’t want to make all important decisions on your own, but be careful who you ask.


If you ask your parents about going to college in another state, they will probably say no.  They might push you to go local.  Who knows, that might not be the best decision.  When seeking advice from others, be sure to remind yourself:  Who am I asking?  Why am I asking them? What’s their motivation for answering me?


I had a very successful businessman tell me once that I should quit my job and move out of state to work for him, at minimum wage no less.  For this sacrifice I was promised “riches” years later after he sold his business.  “Sweat equity” they call it these days.  Don’t you ever believe it!  There is no such thing as free lunch.  Why tell you this?  Because this wealthy businessman was what many would consider a reliable source and even he was giving me bad advice.


Think your decisions through very carefully.  Take a walk if you have to.  Make sure it makes sense.  List of pros and cons and, most importantly, never make a decision based on emotion.  By the way, it’s been 15 years since that businessman asked me to give up my life for him, and every person he suckered into working for him never got a piece of the business.  Many of them gave up better jobs and have regretted it terribly.


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