Being A Celebrity Personal Assistant Sounds Like Fun, But Do You Have What It Takes?


We’ve all seen the TV specials and read the news articles: “Celebrity Personal Assistants Tell All”.  But getting gossip out of celebrity assistant Brian Daniel is like pulling teeth.  He’s very tight-lipped about the whole thing.


Mr. Daniel has been a Celebrity Personal Assistant for years, and now he runs his own company called The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, which is located online at  By any standards, Mr. Daniel has led the life that even some millionaires could be jealous of.  The highlight of his career?: working for billionaires in the Royal Saudi Family.  That right…  Private jets, pink bottles of Crystal Champagne, and chauffeur-driven exotic cars were all a part of Brian Daniel’s everyday life.


So you may be asking yourself, how does one land a job like that?  It’s not easy, even when you have A-List celebrity experience on your resume as Mr. Daniel does.  All things considered, it does require a little bit of luck, but Brian insists that “luck happens to men and women of action.”  Brian says with a smile, “If you want it bad enough, you’re going to do all the work required to find the job.”  But keeping the job is even harder than finding it, Brian adds.

Assistants need thick skin to survive

The role of the Personal Assistant has changed substantially over the years.  Decades ago, assistants were just gofers (go-for coffee, newspapers, etc.).  But with the explosion of the super wealthy in the United States, the assistant has become a sort of business manager for the super rich.

Some even call the position a “Lifestyle Manager.”  Regardless of the title, one can expect a super-high-octane ride.  Of course this is all contingent on your employers.  The duties and pay varies wildly, sometimes as low as $500 per week, and up to $150,000 a year — or more!

The secret, Mr. Daniel says, is to find the right job that is a fit for you.  Being a celebrity personal assistant is like being married.  The assistant lives night and day with his or her boss, so it has to be a match made in heaven.  When working for a celebrity, the match is especially important because so much of your life is public.


The assistant must learn to manage personalities as well.  A high-profile celebrity has a business manager, publicity team, agents, stylists, and so on.  The assistant has to balance all of the star’s workload and know when, where, and how to get that information – in order of importance – to the boss.


“If you can find that delicate balance to make it all work, and prove yourself invaluable to your celebrity employer, that is job security!” says Brian.  The only problem is that the life of a celebrity personal assistant, while exciting and lucrative, is also very lonely.  Your boss will always have access to friends, family and associates, but the assistant is sometimes left in the cold because of all the traveling involved.  In short, one really has to understand the kind of commitment and scope the job entails so that you don’t get the blues while on the job.

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