Q & A with Celebrity Personal Assistant Brian Daniel


Brian Daniel has been a resident of Los Angeles for 20 years and has worked with A-List celebrities,
high net worth families, and even the Royal Saudi Family as an Executive Personal Assistant. He now
runs his own celebrity assistant company called The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, which has outlets in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City, Miami and Chicago. You can visit his website at


How did you get started as a celebrity personal assistant?

For the first 10 years of my professional career I was in the corporate world, mainly in retail management and the hospitality industry (famous 5-star hotels). After a while I realized that most corporate jobs, no matter how prestigious they look on the outside, are somewhat of a dead-end career. I wanted to move into the private sector. Since I had so much experience being around celebrities, I figured it was time to make a move to working with them.


Through some friends I had known a famous vocal coach in Hollywood, and I thought it would be a good idea to get my foot in the door by working with him. I did my homework and learned he did not have an assistant at the time, so I kind of stalked him – professionally speaking of course. After I had my attack plan in place, I contacted him and explained why he was losing money by not having me as an assistant. He absolutely agreed and hired me the next day. In fact, I was so valuable to him that when I asked for a 30% raise just one year into my tenure, and he gave it to me without a second thought.


How many stars did you meet when you worked for the famous voice coach?

I can’t count, seriously, that many. Almost every day some big name came into the studio. I can’t say I was ever sad while at work. Because he (the coach) worked with so many different kinds of talent: TV and movie stars, sports figures and other personalities, I met the whole cornucopia of talent.


Any favorites?

I don’t like picking favorites, but I really enjoyed meeting Molly Sims (NBC’s Las Vegas).

Taking the Lamborghini to run errands

How did you start working for the Royal Saudi Family?

About 3 years into my job with the voice coach I decided it was time to move on. I had pretty much done everything I could do there, and my boss was very supportive of my moving on.


I did some homework and found a connection to The Royal Saudi Family. To make a long story short, I went through a long battery of tests, background checks, etc., and was finally approved.

So what was that like?

I can’t even describe it, but picture this: my first day of work I had to fly from Los Angeles to Chicago to meet my boss (for the first time). I navigated my way through Chicago O’Hare airport and met up with him in the afternoon, then we hopped on a large jumbo jet and headed for Paris. Let me tell you this: first-class is totally different overseas. It is so luxurious, that it makes U.S. carrier first-class look like cockroach infested coach-class on a puddle-jumper. My boss and I practically had this hotel suite with giant Lazy Boy-like chairs that had their own television sets. I later looked at the bill for the trip and it was $20,000 each for the tickets.


What kinds of duties did you have while working for the Royal Saudi Family?

Because I was the Executive Personal Assistant, my duties had a lot of depth and breadth. I was in charge of other subordinate personal assistants, and I was the senior Estate Manager. My duties included by were not limited to: hiring and firing staff, exotic car management, personal and professional itineraries, and being a liaison to diplomats as well as other princes and princesses in the family.


Are all the stories true about the whirlwind shopping sprees?

I had to sign a very thick confidentiality agreement before I started working for my boss. But even if I hadn’t, I still can’t tell you much about the people I worked for. Celebrities, high net worth families, and the royals are very particular about their private life. I can say that, yes, a lot of spending occurred. Being on private jets, driving Ferraris, and having $10,000 bottles of wine at dinner really rocked my world. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m glad I did it.


Last question: Why in the world did you quit?

After nearly 2 years of duty, I just decided that it was time to go off on my own. I really appreciated the opportunity, but you have to understand that working 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for months at a time really gets to you. There were times I thought I might have a nervous breakdown. Not to mention, being in a new country every week was exciting, but also a chore. I guess I just got homesick.


If you’re interested in learning more about Brian Daniel’s adventures, check out his website for photos, stories, and job postings at www.FindCelebrityJobs.com.


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